What is The Perfect Paleo Powder

The Perfect Paleo Powder (PPP) is a line of food products, consisting of high-quality beef protein combined with organic fruits and vegetables, and pharmaceutical grade antioxidants! Every Perfect Paleo Powder Product is 100% Paleo-Friendly, and many of our products are both Paleo and Ketogenic-friendly. These perfected formulas come in powdered form for the convenience of just adding water to produce densely nutritious Paleo meals, on the go. A complete list of every ingredient, its nutritional value, and exactly why it is included in our formulas is provided in “The Perfect Ingredients" section of our website.


Who can drink The Perfect Paleo Powder™?

Anyone and everyone from age 1 to 101 years old. Keep in mind; The Perfect Paleo Powder formulas are food products. As such, our products do not contain any ingredients that may be harmful to the human body. If you’re over 101, you can still enjoy it… We just thought that first line was a clever answer!


Does The Perfect Paleo Powder™ need to be refrigerated?

Not until you add water. While The Perfect Paleo Powder is food, in its powdered state, it does not need to be refrigerated. Once blended with water, however, if you do not consume the entire beverage in one sitting, it must be refrigerated.


I am a fitness/ nutrition/ health care professional, how can I sell The Perfect Paleo Powder™?

If you’re interested in selling The Perfect Paleo Powder, we’ve made it about as simple as simple can get! We’ve built an app, just for you, that contains the best affiliate marketing platform, ever. Period. Zero financial investment from you. Your very own “Paleo Pro” profile where you can upload pictures, videos, career highlights, meal plans, training routines and more. Simple one-click sharing options to all of your followers, on all of your social platforms 1-on-1, confidential communication between you and your clients, 10% commission on all sales direct deposited into your PayPal account! One-click fund withdrawal.

We like things simple! Sign-up today, start earning, and help us change the World!


Does The Perfect Paleo Powder™ contain soy?

No, there is no soy, soy derivative, or soy milk — no soy whatsoever in The Perfect Paleo Powder (and there never will be!)


Is The Perfect Paleo Powder™ non-GMO?

Absolutely! It wouldn’t be “perfect,” according to our standards if any of our ingredients were GMO!


Is the Beef Protein powder in Perfect Paleo Powder™ from Grass-Fed Cows?

Our cows are pasture-raised but are not certified 100% grass-fed and grass-finished… and with good reason. We understand the grass-fed craze and how everyone on the internet is basically trying to tell you that beef products that are not grass-fed are poison or something, but it’s just not true. We assure you, when it comes to beef protein powders, the grass-fed debate just does not apply. The biggest benefit of eating grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef is that grass-fed beef has a much more desirable fatty acid profile. That said, isolating beef proteins into an easily digestible powder removes the fatty acids entirely. Once the fatty acids are removed, the remaining proteins and amino acids are virtually identical, regardless of what the animal ate. The only exception to this rule would be if the cows were fed hormones, antibiotics, and/ or GMO’s. The beef protein in The Perfect Paleo Powder is from cows that were NEVER fed antibiotics, hormones or GMO’s! Again, our protein is sourced from pasture-raised cattle, meaning they have access to pasture and forage year-round! The cattle may have access to supplemental grains only during the coldest winter months. This one difference is the only thing that prevents them from meeting the strict standards of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle. Keep in mind, pasture-raised is an incredibly important distinction when it comes to cattle. For instance, an animal can be kept in a barn for its entire life without ever seeing the light of day and can still be considered “grass-fed.” The decision to avoid 100% grass-fed beef protein powders was strategic, and it allows us to sell you The Perfect Paleo Powder at a much more affordable price, as grass-fed products can be anywhere from 3-5x more expensive to manufacture. If you want to eat a juicy steak, stick to grass-fed, if you’re shopping for beef protein powder, don’t fall for the “from grass-fed cows” marketing gimmick!

To be perfectly clear, we are not talking about Feedlot cattle. We would never endorse such unethical, cruel, practices. We are talking about pasture-raised cattle; free from hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s that may not be classified as 100% grass-fed. For an in-depth look at this complicated topic, please, read our article Grass-Fed Gimmicks.


Does The Perfect Paleo Powder™ contain caffeine?

Our Pre-Workout and Fat Loss formulas contain caffeine in the form of Coffee Bean Extract. The Perfect Paleo Powder is food and we use whole food products to enhance our formulas whenever possible. Our coffee bean extract is a prime example of this practice in action!


How much sugar is in The Perfect Paleo Powder™?

Our Digest & Rest and Fat Loss formulas contain zero added sugar! Our Pre-Workout formulas contain just 5 grams of added Coconut Palm Sugar, and our Post-Workout formulas contain just 3 grams of added Coconut Palm Sugar. We chose coconut palm sugar because it is greater than 70% sucrose and less than 10% glucose and fructose. It also contains Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Potassium, along with some short chain fatty acids, polyphenols, and antioxidants that may also provide some health benefits. Some studies have also concluded that it has a lower glycemic index than table sugar or fructose syrups. The remaining sugars occur naturally in the fruit contained in PPP.


When should I drink The Perfect Paleo Powder™?

For Best Results: Digest & Rest: Replace Breakfast Consume 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder - Digest & Rest Formula in the morning on an empty stomach. Fat Loss: Replace Breakfast Consume 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder - Fat Loss Formula in the morning on an empty stomach. Pre-Workout: Consume 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder - Pre-Workout Formula 15-20 minutes before your workout. Post-Workout: Consume 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder - Post-Workout Formula within 30 minutes after your workout. Paleo Powder Bundles: We have specific recommendations for using our Paleo Powder Bundles based on your health and fitness goals. To learn more, check out our Paleo Powder Bundles!


What’s the story behind The Perfect Paleo Powder™?

To learn more about our Founder and why we created The Perfect Paleo Powder, please, visit our About Section.


Is The Perfect Paleo Powder™ gluten-free?

Absolutely! No gluten or gluten containing products are included in The Perfect Paleo Powder.


Does The Perfect Paleo Powder™ contain preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners?

Not one!


Is The Perfect Paleo Powder™ safe during pregnancy?

We are confident the child you are carrying will benefit from your wise choice for body fuel, and there are no ingredients that would cause a problem for an otherwise healthy pregnant woman. You should carefully review the detailed list of ingredients in “The Perfect Ingredients" section if you have any known food allergies. Otherwise enjoy as much PPP as you can during this critical time in your child’s development.


What does “Clovis™” mean?

Clovis is the name given to the first known hunter-gatherer tribe in North America. Also referred to as “Paleo Indians,” these amazing warriors developed unique spears and launching methods that allowed them to hunt and conquer Wooly Mammoth and other giant beasts. The Clovis tribe knew how to truly “Aim Higher, ” and we named our company after them as a tribute to these powerful Paleo ancestors.


What is Gum Arabic?

Gum Arabic is derived from the sap of the acacia tree. It is one of the Earth’s best-known sources of prebiotic dietary fiber, because of its low viscosity, and it carries with it a host of health benefits, particularly when it comes to weight loss. A two-arm randomized, placebo controlled, double-blind trial was conducted in the Department of Physiology at the Khartoum University and concluded that Gum Arabic ingestion causes a significant reduction in BMI and body fat percentage among healthy adult females. Another study, as documented by the British Journal of Nutrition, concluded that Gum Arabic is at least as effective a prebiotic as inulin, which is commonly sold as a prebiotic supplement. Please see our “What’s Inside” page to learn more about Organic Gum Acacia and the health benefits associated with it.


What is Guar Gum (SunFiber®)?

SunFiber is among the most adaptable of all dietary fibers. It aids in digestion and regularity and improves both conditions of constipation and diarrhea. SunFiber promotes the absorption of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This ensures that the human body receives maximum benefit from the vast array of vitamins and minerals found in The Perfect Paleo Powder. SunFiber decreases the Glycemic Index of foods it is ingested with and helps regulate blood glucose levels. A valuable tool for anyone suffering from glucose intolerance, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. Our favorite part of SunFiber is its effect on your gut bacteria! As a prebiotic dietary fiber, SunFiber supports a healthy gut microbiome by helping your beneficial bacteria flourish!.

SunFiber is Non-GMO Verified, 100% Gluten Free, and 100% natural.


Where can I buy The Perfect Paleo Powder™?

You can purchase the Perfect Paleo powder right now by clicking right here.


Is The Perfect Paleo Powder™ Vegan?

No. The Perfect Paleo Powder contains beef protein.


Does The Perfect Paleo Powder™ Contain Any Allergens?

Well, technically, it might. However, The Perfect Paleo Powder DOES NOT contain any of the 8 major food allergens cited by the FDA. Those 8 foods make up over 90% of all food allergies. That being said, The Perfect Paleo Powder does contain Coconut (tree nut). In some extremely rare cases, a person may be allergic to this ingredient. If you have a tree nut allergy, please consult your physician before consuming The Perfect Paleo Powder.


Why did you include pharmaceutical-grade supplements?

Here at Clovis, we understand one fundamental truth… We are not Cavemen. Perfect human health starts with food, and the Paleo Diet is a great start! But our modern world brings challenges that our ancestors never faced. Stress, pollution, chemicals, artificial lighting, heavy metal toxins, etc. etc. Our goal is to help you overcome these modern obstacles by taking Paleo to the next level. To make Paleo… Perfect! We’re here to break the mold and rewrite the Paleo rule book.

We have made it our mission to combine Paleo Principles with cutting-edge nutrition science to create revolutionary new products for perfect human health.

That’s why we've decided to add pharmaceutical-grade supplements to our whole food formulas. To give you vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatories, and anti-oxidants in the doses you need to combat our harsh modern environment. For example, glutathione is available in cruciferous vegetables. However, you could eat an impossible amount of vegetables and still not come anywhere close to the 50 milligrams of glutathione you’ll get from just one serving our Digest & Rest formula!

Thanks to our pharmaceutical-grade supplements, our formulas offer:


  • Probiotics BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids)

  • L-Glutamine

  • L-Glutathione

  • CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q 10)

  • Electrolytes

  • Full B-Vitamin Complex

  • Vitamin C

  • Calcium

  • Iron

  • Potassium