• Build Lean Muscle
  • Optimize Recovery
  • Prevent Soreness
  • Protect Joints

The Perfect Paleo Powder Post-Workout is a natural low-carbohydrate and Paleo-Friendly Post-Workout protein & nutritional powder comprised of hydrolyzed beef collagen protein, Turmeric root extract, L-Glutamine, and 20+ whole food ingredients combined with pharmaceutical grade Amino Acids and anti-inflammatories to re-fuel your muscles in a way that was never thought possible, until now. Build muscle, burn fat, reduce inflammation and prevent muscle soreness. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Our Post-Workout is formulated with natural and safe muscle-building ingredients which are perfectly compliant for use with a Ketogenic or Paleo diet program. The Perfect Paleo Powder - Post-Workout contains less than 160 calories and more than 24g of protein per serving. Our Post-Workout formula is perfect for use after traditional strength, endurance, resistance or, Crossfit training.

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Gains Bundle for $113.98
For the serious athletes out there! Those of you who put gains (physique and performance) before just about everything else! If you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, and regularly shatter your training PRs, our Gains Bundle is an absolute no-brainer. Our Pre-Workout formula will give you an extra boost of caffeine, Niacin, and BCAA’s to help you crush workouts and supercharge fat burning! Then, our Post-Workout will feed your muscles after training to ensure maximum muscle growth and faster recovery! CrossFit, endurance training, MMA, team sports… You name it; our Gains Bundle will help you crush it! For Best Results: Pre-Workout (on training days): Take 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder Pre-Workout 20-30 minutes before your workout. Post-Workout (only on training days): Take 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder Post-Workout within 30 minutes after your workout. *Optional: If your primary goal is gaining muscle, consume 1 serving of The Perfect Paleo Powder Post-Workout on rest days as well as training days.
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